Sony a35 DSLR

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Building on the a33 and a55 models, Sony’s new a35 (SLT-A35) DSLR brings pro-style shooting speeds and diverse creative options to photographers of all abilities, says the company.

The a35, with Translucent Mirror Technology, allows responsive, accurate continuous autofocus – whether shooting high-speed still photos at 7 frames-per-second or recording full HD movies.

Making its debut on the a35, Tele-zoom High Speed Shooting magnifies a central portion of the image area providing an effective 1.4x magnification (approx.) while shooting at up to 7 fps. Providing continuous tracking autofocus of still or moving objects, this feature is ideal for capturing fast-moving sports, children’s expressions at just the right moment or distant subjects with a high-speed burst of frames. There’s also a rapid 5.5 fps drive mode that offers full-resolution continuous shooting with tracking AF.

With a resolution of 16.2 effective megapixels, the Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor delivers detailed, low-noise still and HD video images.

Complementing the sensor’s extremely high resolution and sensitivity, the camera’s powerful BIONZ processor optimizes image data to assure flawless images with rich, natural colour reproduction. A maximum sensitivity of ISO 12800 and extension to ISO 25600 makes it possible to capture beautifully natural still images and HD video in low light more effortlessly than competitive cameras, Sony claims.

Advanced Quick AF Live View continuously displays real-time output from the main image sensor during still or Full HD video shooting. Light is partially directed from the translucent mirror to an AF sensor to permit non-stop precision TTL phase-detection autofocus.

Shooting stills or AVCHD video, users can enjoy a superbly detailed view on the high-quality 3-inch Xtra Fine LCD. Sony’s TruBlack technology assures high-contrast images with rich, deep blacks – even when shooting outdoors.

The high-resolution Tru-Finder offers a precision alternative to framing shots on the camera’s LCD. Offering an extremely detailed, high contrast image with full 100 percent field coverage, it’s ideal for live preview of picture effects and exposure adjustments. Accurate composition of landscapes, architecture and other scenes is enhanced by three selectable grid line patterns.

The a35 model offers a new in-camera ‘Picture Effect’ setting that lets users add extra impact to stills or Full HD video during shooting, without editing images afterwards. Effects can be previewed on the camera screen, allowing photographers to see the result of a chosen effect instantly rather than post-shooting. The palette of artistic treatments includes Retro Photo, High-key, Toy Camera, and Posterization.

It’s also easy to produce dramatic Partial Colour effects, with a single colour highlighted against the rest of the image in monochrome. This popular effect is normally achieved through a series of painstaking steps using photo editing software. With the a35 it’s both automatic and instant.

Refinements in power consumption boost the camera’s battery life to 440 still shots (approx. when using the rear LCD panel) between battery charges – a 30 percent increase over its predecessor.

The a35 DSLR will be available this August with an 18-55 mm kit zoom lens (model SAL1855) for about $750.