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With phantom lens
With phantom lens

Film cameras didn’t have LCDs, early digital cameras didn’t have them, but now LCDs have become ubiquitous. Except for the new digital Leica M-D rangefinder, which doesn’t have a monitor screen. Shades of the Leica M film cameras.

The Leica M-D is the first serial production model of the digital M family to be made without a monitor screen. The usual location of the screen on the back of the camera is now taken by the ISO sensitivity setting dial.

Although the M-D embodies the entire range of technical advantages perfected over decades in the Leica rangefinder system, says the company, it intentionally omits all but the most essential technical features. All you get is shutter speed dial, aperture adjustment, focusing (manual), and ISO adjustment.

LCD conspicuously absent
LCD conspicuously absent

This, says Leica, concentrates your thinking on the essential, i.e. the picture.

The technical features of the M-D are based on those of the Leica M (Typ 262), including a high-resolution CMOS full-frame sensor, albeit one which doesn’t do video recording nor Live View.

Resolution is 24-megapixels. The processor is Leica’s Maestro. Exposures are saved exclusively as RAW data in DNG format.

Available now. If you have to ask the price, as the saying goes . . .


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