Three Leica M lenses

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Summicron-M 35 mm f2 ASPH, now also in silver
Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 ASPH, now also in silver

Leica has introduced next-generation models of three of its classic M lenses: the Leica M Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 ASPH, Leica Summicron-M 28 mm f/2 ASPH and Leica Elmarit-M 28 mm f/2.8 ASPH. Leica says each delivers enhanced image performance and quality, thanks to new optical designs.

Additional improvements to the lenses include a more robust construction, now featuring a full metal rectangular lens hood with thread mount, and a threaded protection ring for the front of the lens when the hood is not attached. The lens cap is now also made of metal.

Summicron-M 28 mm f2 ASPH
Summicron-M 28 mm f/2 ASPH

The 35 mm prime lens delivers superior image performance and a unique bokeh, notes the company. Images are said to be pin-sharp with rich contrast, and almost completely free from distortion. The optical design has seven elements in five groups, and the lens weighs 252 g without hood and lens caps. The lens will be available in either black or silver anodized finish.

At its maximum aperture, the 28 mm f/2 is said to deliver rich contrast, a soft and smooth bokeh, and extremely high resolution. Improvements within the optical design in this new generation lens have made it possible to achieve superior image performance across the entire image field, Leica says. There’s also significant reduction of image field curvature for better resolution of details from corner to corner. The lens has nine elements in six groups and weighs 257 g without hood and caps.

Elmarit-M 28 mm f2.8 ASPH
Elmarit-M 28 mm f/2.8 ASPH

Leica says the 28 mm f/2.8 lens is the most compact lens in the entire portfolio of Leica M lenses. Compared to the previous model, this new generation lens offers significantly reduced image field curvature, which brings considerably improved image performance with high resolution and brilliant resolution of details, the company says. Leica says the lens is practically distortion-free from infinity to its closest focusing distance of 0.7 m. This lens has eight elements in six groups and weighs 175 g without hood and caps.

While there’s been no official word on Canadian pricing or availability, the lenses likely will be available by the beginning of February.


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