Tamron 35 mm & 45 mm lenses

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35 mm
35 mm

Tamron has announced two new SP lenses, both fast, fixed focal length models, delivering what the company calls “ultimate performance.” And, apparently, these two are just the first in a relaunched SP line.

45 mm
45 mm

Sporting a totally revamped external appearance, the new lenses are compatible with full-frame DSLR cameras, although both can be used with APS-C cameras as well.

The SP 35 mm f/1.8 Di VC USD and SP 45 mm f/1.8 Di VC USD will be launched late this month in Canon and Nikon mounts, with a Sony mount version to follow later. The Sony version will not include Vibration Compensation (VC) since that’s built in to the camera.

In 1979, Tamron unveiled the first SP Series lens in 1979, a 90 mm f/2.5 Macro, with several other lenses following. But the company says it wanted to redefine the SP line, especially with the advent of new technologies.

All of the key performance criteria were redefined, says Tamron, to achieve the ultimate in optical performance. VC (Vibration Compensation) was incorporated as an integral part of the opto-electronics design. Priority was given to “dramatically closer” focusing capability, yet size had to remain practical.

Each lens sports a “metal-based” barrel, a brand ring that’s tinted “luminous gold” as well as an SP emblem in the same colour.

The window over the distance scale has been enlarged by 20 percent to maximize visibility and legibility. Font style of the characters and numbers has been changed to enhance legibility.

The shape and sliding torque of the AF/MF change-over and VC On/Off switches have been reconfigured.


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