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samsung nx1Samsung says its NX1 is a premium camera designed for the expert photographer. The mirrorless, interchangeable lens camera is claimed to deliver superb image quality and unrivalled usability. The camera features 15 fps continuous AF shooting, a unique Auto Focus (AF) System III and 28-megapixel APS-C BSI CMOS sensor.

The NX1’s DRIMe V image processor boasts superior colour reproduction and noise reduction, utilizing powerful cores for high speed imaging. This technology also supports 4K UHD video recording with no need for external equipment.

The new NX AF System III, with 205 phase detection AF points, is said to deliver very high AF speed.

​Wide Phase Detection also means the NX1 can instinctively track subjects almost anywhere in the frame, regardless of location. The NX1 supports the use of Phase AF during movie recording.

New Samsung Auto Shot (SAS) automatically takes the picture at precisely the right moment. Thanks to the camera’s brand-new DRIMe V processor, the advanced hardware algorithms can recognize high-speed motion, and equate shutter-lag in real-time, accurately predicting the right time to capture the shot.

​The newly designed sensor features a Back Side Illumination (BSI) structure with a micro lens array. Compared to conventional CMOS sensors, BSI reduces noise more effectively by keeping the path between the lens and sensors clear so more light can hit each pixel, lowering the signal-to-noise ratio.

​The NX1 supports native ISO 100-25600 and extended ISO to 51200. Samsung says new technology designed specifically for the NX1 can handle even subtle noise produced by cameras that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This technology works by distinguishing each imaging area, such as edges, textures, or skies and intelligently applying different types of noise reduction to the individual parts. This method retains details without the softening that’s common with other global noise reduction technologies, says the company.

​The NX1 supports both 4K and Ultra HD (UHD) video recording. UHD has a four times higher resolution than Full HD, readily apparent in the smooth and impressive quality of footage shot on the NX1, boasts Samsung. The inbuilt HEVC Codec (H.265), the most advanced compression technology available, brings efficiency to the storage of video clips by compressing high quality video to half the size and bit rate of H.264 footage without compromising on quality. All files are stored on the SD Card so that an external 4K recorder is not necessary. Post production requirements also haven’t been neglected with the inclusion of conversion software for editing the 4K footage.

​The magnesium alloy body of the NX1 offers the solid and rugged feel that high end photographers are accustomed to, says Samsung, also noting the ergonomic design of the NX1 is comfortable to hold, with a specially shaped grip which allows users to maintain a tight hold while shooting. Those seeking further photographic options can take advantage of the custom designed Vertical Grip accessory (sold separately), allowing for the use of a larger battery and easier vertical and horizontal shooting.

​The build is strengthened with dust and splash resistance, including rubber seals and seams to protect dials and buttons.​

​The Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) is an XGA OLED display, providing users with an extremely life-like and immersive eye-level composing experience. Bolstering the EVF, the NX1’s DRIMe V Image Processor cuts down lag time to just 0.005-seconds so that the EVF reflects the scene being shot in nearly real time, without delay.

​The 3.0-inch FVGA Super AMOLED display with touch capabilities is “brilliantly lit” and has a natural looking display. Samsung touts the camera as the only mirrorless system camera to feature a top LCD panel; the NX1’s UI synchronized status display window clearly shows a number of advanced camera settings, such as WB, drive and battery condition.

​​Equipped with Wi-Fi functionality, the NX1 has the fastest, most advanced connectivity available, says Samsung, allowing users to watch 4K movies on UHD TV via wireless streaming. With its outstanding data transfer speed, users can send both large images and Full HD video files swiftly and without delay. The NX1 is also said to be the world’s first Bluetooth-equipped mirrorless system camera, ensuring users are always connected for easy pairing and quick transfer times with smartphones and tablets.

Update: As of Dec. 18, the Samsung NX1 is available at the suggested MSRP of $2,999.99.


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