Olympus SP-100

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oly sp100The Olympus Stylus SP-100 lays claim to being the world’s first-ever camera with a built-in dot-sight, enabling you to easily track moving subjects. The technology is designed to allow you to record smoother videos and will help you to not lose sight of your subject. Once the subject is still, then you can frame and shoot.

The dot-sight combines with the SP-100’s newly developed 24-1200 mm optical Ultra Zoom lens (with digital kick-up to 2400 mm).

The SP-100’s dot-sight is mounted just above the built-in LCD electronic viewfinder and helps the user keep the subject in the frame by offering a wide-angle view of the scene on its semitransparent mirror. The dot-sight stows away for portability and pops up immediately to easily track any subject without the need to adjust the zoom, so the shooter never has to miss an image by having to retrace and compose.

Olympus designed the location of the EVF and the shape of the eyepiece for minimal contact between the photographer’s face and the camera body, giving even greater ease of shooting.

Under the skin there’s a 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and a next-generation TruePic VII processor.

Lens shift image stabilization significantly reduces camera shake even at the highest zoom. Image stabilization is also effective in the Super Macro function when approaching subjects as close as 1 cm, even with the 50x optical zoom.

A new focus-limit button lets users focus only in a set range when turned on, and focus only in the distance when set to off.

The SP-100 is also equipped with an AF lock feature and manual focusing.

A full range of shooting modes (P/A/S/M) is also available for customization of exposure parameters like ISO, shutter speed and aperture via the sub dial.

The grip provides optimal handling during shooting, while the quick-response, single-finger-operation control dial optimizes fast shooting when using the electronic viewfinder.

The camera includes an additional zoom lever on the left side of the lens, enabling users to hold the camera securely like a DSLR for left-thumb operation of the zoom while operating the shutter button with the right index finger.

The SP-100 captures video in 60p recording at 60 frames per second in full HD (1080) and high-speed recording (HS120fps with resolution of 640×480, or HS240fps with 320×240). The Multi-Motion Movie image stabilization compensates for blurring that occurs when shooting video while walking or panning across a scene.

There are 11 Art Filters that can also be used when shooting Full HD movies. The optional Toshiba FlashAir card connects the camera to a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or PC to easily import, view and share images.

The Olympus Stylus SP-100 will be available in March, in black. Estimated street price: $399.99.


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