Fuji XF27 mm lens

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fuji XF27mmFujifilm has shown the Fujinon XF27 mm f/2.8 lens, a 41 mm equivalent compact, lightweight single focal length lens for use with the X-Series interchangeable lens digital camera systems.

The lens measures 23 mm in length and weighs 78 grams (2.75 oz) and features an autofocus design with a high-torque DC motor to shift each of the 5 lens elements in 4 groups.

It also has a Super EBC coating for effective control against chromatic aberrations.

There is no aperture ring (one way to deliver a compact and lightweight body), so you’ll need to update your camera body’s firmware (http://www.fujifilm.ca/support/digital_cameras/) to enable aperture adjustment with the camera’s command dial.

The Fujinon XF27 mm f/2.8 lens will be available in July for $449.95.


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