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60 mm macro lens

Olympus adds to the Micro Four Thirds family of lenses with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 60 mm f/2.8 Macro lens, a single focal-length macro lens with a dust- and splash-proof body.

Also new is a limited edition black version of the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12 mm f/2.0 snapshot lens

A 17 mm f/1.8 high-grade lens is currently under development.

The 60 mm lens (120 mm equivalent)features 1X magnification (2X equivalent) and a focusing distance of 19 cm. There are 13 lens elements incorporated in 10 groups of lenses with extensive use of special glass materials such as ED (Extra-low Dispersion), HR (High Refractive index) and E-HR (Extra-High Refractive index) elements to eliminate the chromatic aberrations often noticeable with telephoto macro lenses. This optical design ensures consistently clear, sharp, high-contrast imaging performance, says Olympus.

The lens employs an Olympus developed MSC (Movie & Still Compatible) autofocusing mechanism that features an inner focus system to drive quick and quiet focusing. A shooting distance and magnification indicator window enhance macro shooting control and precision.

A focus limit switch sets the focusing range to enable faster focusing. Three modes are available: close-up (focusing distance between 19 and 40 cm), normal (focusing distance from 19 cm to infinity) and far view (focusing distance from 40 cm to infinity).

The 1:1 mode shifts focusing to 1:1 with one-touch operation.

12 mm

A limited edition black version of the 12 mm lens (24 mm equivalent) is said to offer outstanding imaging performance in an exceptionally compact design. A snap ring lets photographers pan focus with a distance indicator. Fast, quiet autofocusing in both movie and still modes is made possible by the MSC mechanism.

The new version will be sold in a kit that includes three lens accessories; the LH-48 Metallic Lens Hood (Black), the LC-48 Metallic Lens Cap (Black), and the PRF-D46PRO Protection Filter.

In development and expected to be released in the first half of next year, the 17 mm lens will be optimized for snapshots and street shooting. The lens will have a high-quality metallic outer finish, a snapshot focusing mechanism and a focal length equivalent to 34 mm.

The 60 mm and 12 mm lenses will be available in early October.


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