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ACD Systems has two new programs designed to help users better manage and share their growing stores of photo, video and other digital assets: acdVIDEO Converter and ACDSee Duplicate Finder.

acdVIDEO Converter converts video files for playback on all popular media devices including an iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, mobile phones from Blackberry and Nokia; and game consoles including PS3 and Xbox 360.

ACDSee Duplicate Finder helps those with large music, photo, or video libraries locate hard to find duplicate files. Duplicates can then be eliminated, freeing up valuable disk space.

acdVIDEO Converter is a simple, easy-to-use HD video converter that can convert video files between most popular media formats at the highest speed and quality. It is designed to be used with mobile media devices, and is ideal for anyone with a collection of digital videos stored on several devices.

While there are currently several open source programs that offer a degree of this functionality, notes the company, they are often unreliable and do not cover the same breadth of formats as acdVIDEO Converter. Additionally, the program can extract the audio from a video source, and save it as an MP3 or other popular audio format.

acdVIDEO Converter creates a to-do list of videos to convert, and then sets the program to shut down once conversion has been completed. The converter also incorporates smart video aspect ratio clipping, so if the input video aspect ratio does not match the output profile screen aspect ratio, acdVIDEO Converter can automatically clip the edges of the input video to make full use of the device’s screen.

The converter comes with pre-defined output profiles for all kinds of mobile media devices.

The program is available here. Price is initially US$14.99.

ACDSee Duplicate Finder, a popular feature currently integrated into ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee 14 photo editing and management software, is a standalone product for Mac users.

By examining the MD5 checksum routines (hashes) in every file on a computer or user-selected folders, or the first 100 bytes of data, the software is able to identify duplicates of any type of file, regardless of whether the file name is the same or not.

The program allows users to search and view every single file on a hard drive and connected devices, and will find all duplicate files, showing where they are so that users can move them to trash, create new folders, etc.

ACDSee Duplicate Finder has a simple user interface that shows a thumbnail of the file, along with file name, size, the last date modified, and then provides a recommendation on which files to keep.

Though the MSRP is US$9.99 USD, it will be available in the Mac App Store starting Dec. 22 for US$4.99 (until Jan. 9).


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