Ilford Multigrade Art 300

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Despite the almost universal acceptance of digital, there are still those clinging to film and the darkroom experience. Enter Ilford, with a new fine art, silver gelatine photographic paper, produced in co-operation with Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH. The paper is called Ilford Multigrade Art 300.

Designed for making fine art B&W prints, it is a textured matt paper, with 100 percent cotton rag paper base, acid free but, according to Ilford, with the wet strength needed to survive the archival washing required when making fine art prints.

Exposure times and product handling, says the company, will be very familiar for Multigrade users.

The new surface delivers a matt fine art print that has both a texture and what some users have described as an eggshell sheen, says Ilford. Compared to Ilford FB (baryta) papers, slightly shorter wash times are required, and the paper can easily be handled in large sheets thanks to its 300 GSM weight.

The product will be available in sizes from 5 x 7-inches up to 20 x 24-inches, packed in boxes of 10/15/30/50 sheets, with roll sizes soon to be announced.

The Canadian importer, Amaya Foto, a division of Amplis Foto, says the paper is now available in Canada.


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