Olympus Tough TG-810

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Shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof and crushproof. Anything missing? GPS? Okay, we’ll throw that in too.

The Tough TG-810 is a 14-megapixel camera with a 5x (28-140 mm equivalent) optical zoom lens, Dual Image Stabilization, Wi-Fi compatibility for instant image sharing via an optional Eye-Fi Card, and 3D still image capture in and out of the water.

GPS automatically records your location while you are shooting. The Electronic Compass allows you to check your shooting direction in the field. A Manometer measures water and air pressure, enabling you to accurately monitor the depth or altitude of your images. The location, direction, depth and altitude are recorded when each image is taken, and the information is stored within each picture’s digital file.

The camera shoots 720p HD video, above and below the water surface. And you can shoot 3D photos in any mode from macro to landscape, even underwater. Select the 3D Photo shooting mode, release the shutter for your first shot, slowly pan until the camera automatically takes a second image from a slightly different perspective. The 3D data is processed in-camera resulting in an .mpo file, the universal industry 3D format for easy display on 3D televisions or laptops.

The Automatic Underwater White Balance feature optimizes white balance settings beneath the waves. There’s a 3-inch LCD with a special layer to cut down reflection.

In-camera Magic Art Filters let you enhance and customize images as they are being captured. Magic Filter Movie lets you apply Magic Art Filters to high-definition videos. The Magic Art Filters: Pop Art, Pin Hole, Fish-Eye, Soft Focus, Drawing, Watercolour, and new Sparkle and Punk.

In-Camera Panorama mode captures three images and stitches them together. Just press the shutter button and slowly pan across the scene. The second and third images will be captured automatically and stitched together with the first image.

AF Tracking locks your subject in focus and continuously adjusts focus and brightness whether you or your subject is moving.

There are two newly designed “Pet Modes” for animal lovers, offering the ability to recognize the faces of a variety of breeds of both cats and dogs.

Beauty Mode soften shadows and smooth wrinkles or blemishes on your subject’s face – all in the camera and as you capture the image. Subtle edits can be made post-capture using the Beauty Fix mode. Choose “Clear Skin” to smooth a person’s complexion, “Dramatic Eye” to slightly emphasize the eyes, and “Sparkle Eye” to brighten and enhance the contrast of the iris and pupils. You can also apply all three edits at once.

Dual Image Stabilization combines two technologies – mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization and Digital Image Stabilization. Mechanical Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization adjusts the internal image sensor to compensate for camera movement, even in low-light conditions when shutter speeds are slower. Digital Image Stabilization freezes the action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds.

Intelligent Auto Mode automatically identifies what you are shooting (i.e. Portrait, Night + Portrait, Landscape, Macro and Sports) and adjusts the camera’s settings to capture the best quality results.

There are four preset underwater scene modes. The camera can also capture HD movies under water. The camera features a water-repellent lens coating to prevent water droplets from forming on the lens so you get crystal-clear shots no matter how wet the shooting environment.

Let’s talk “tough.” The camera has a lightweight, aluminum exterior, interior rubber gaskets and O-rings to seal out the elements. It can be submerged up to 33 feet under water. The camera can withstand a 6.6-foot drop, can also resist up to 220 pounds of crushing pressure, can still perform when the temperature dips well below freezing (14F; -10C), and has airtight construction impervious to dust, dirt and other particles (when the camera gets dirty, just rinse it off).

The Olympus Tough TG-810 comes in black and silver and will be available in April at an estimated street price of $399.99.


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