Optex Hepa Jet II blower

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The Optex Hepa Jet II filtered blower is designed to clean digital cameras and sensors with pure filtered air. Its design removes static charges, humidity, and 99.97 percent of air particulates, says Gentec, the supplier.

Developed by a biomedical engineer, chemist, and photographer, this patent-pending blower integrates one-way valves with a debris-free, medical grade PVC bulb that draws air through a HEPA filter and blasts pure, clean air out the nozzle. Conventional bulbs have no filter and throw air full of dust and moisture onto the sensor, camera chamber, or lens, allowing dust to accumulate and stick with moisture and static laden grip.

Unlike flat disk filters, the HEPA filter of the Hepa Jet II has a large pleated surface area that allows for quick bounce, superior filtration, low resistance, and longevity. The integrated electrostatic filter effectively removes static charges, thus emitting neutrally charged purified air from the nozzle.

Suggested retail price: $29.95.

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