Fotodiox adapters

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Fotodiox has a solution to a problem you may be facing.

If you’ve got some fine prime or zoom lenses, and you’ve also now got a Micro Four-Thirds camera such as the Olympus PEN, and you would love to be able to use your big lenses on the little camera, Fotodiox has engineered a wide assortment of lens adapters. PRO Lens Mount Adapters are all-metal, full-featured, rigid. You can get ’em with a built-in microchip, delivering focus-confirmation info to your camera’s viewfinder. Some adapters even feature glass elements guaranteeing infinity-focus. If you’re used to shooting in manual mode, you can go for the lower-priced, consumer-grade adapters.

So, got a Sony NEX, Olympus PEN or Panasonic GH camera? You’re in luck. If you’re shooting HD video with a new Canon DSLR, but want to use a Nikon lens with an adjustable aperture ring, no problem. Even those old Leica rangefinder lenses you’d thought you’d never use again can now be adapted to fit on most of today’s DSLRs. Even Hasselblad, Mamiya, Pentax and other medium-format lenses can be put to use.

Using the new Fotodiox Shift Adapter (shown here) your digital camera now acts like a medium-format hybrid – allowing you to move your DX or FX sized lens off-axis to position and set your point of sharp focus – as you control your aperture to set depth-of-field. It’s like having a whole new lens.

Mid-December’s when they become available in stores.


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