Gary Fong’s GearGuard

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The new Gary Fong GearGuard system is a series of camera and equipment security devices that provide photographers with a seamless theft prevention system for their gear. The flagship products in the new line include the GearGuard Camera Body Lock and the GearGuard Bag Lock, both of which are designed to safeguard a camera from the snatch-and-grab threat faced by photographers.

With the GearGuard Camera Body Lock in place, the camera body can be secured to any fixed object, granting the photographer the freedom to focus on the moment at hand, rather than worry about equipment disappearing. Constructed of an impervious plastic compound, the twin-plate design provides a solid anchoring point through which the GearGuard Security Cable is threaded and affixed to any anchor point using the GearGuard Combination Lock. The Camera Body Lock attaches to the camera’s tripod mount and can remain attached during shooting without interfering with the photographer’s process. The screw, which attaches the lock to the camera body, features a threaded port, enabling the camera to maintain full compatibility with a tripod, ballhead, or quick-release plate when the cap to the lock is taken off.

Available in two sizes, the GearGuard Bag Lock prevents the theft of a camera bag and restricts access to the bag’s quick-release buckles. This two-piece clip slides together over the buckle and is fitted with the Combination Lock, much like the Camera Body Lock, enabling a photographer to pass through congested areas without concern for theft. Alternatively, users can leave their bags safely tethered to a permanent anchor using the Security Cable.

Gary Fong GearGuard products, including the Camera Body Lock, Bag Lock (Small and Large), and Combination Lock with 36-inch Cable, are each available at a suggested retail price of $14.99.


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