Rogue Flashbenders

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Small reflector

Rogue FlashBenders (gotta love that name) is a system of shapeable light modifiers for shoe mount flash. These are said to deliver unparalleled control for strobe lighting enthusiasts. The design provides complete control over the shape of the reflector.

FlashBenders are positionable. You can bend a FlashBender into almost any position, and it will assume that shape, staying in position until you reform it.

Large reflector

FlashBenders are made from Cordura nylon and genuine Velcro fasteners.  FlashBenders’ white reflective surfaces are made from a durable, wipeable, synthetic fabric, tested for neutrality so it won’t alter the colour temperature of the reflected light from a strobe.

Rogue FlashBenders fit a wide range of shoe mount flash brands.

The Large Positionable Reflector has a suggested retail price of $44.95. The Small Positionable Reflector is $39.95. The Bendable Bounce Card / Flag is $34.95. The line is imported into Canada by Red Raven.

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