HyperDrive Album

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This is one of those devices that makes a ton of sense, especially if you’re away from home base for an extended period of time (vacation, for example) and don’t want to haul a computer with you.

It’s the HyperDrive memory card backup system.

The HyperDrive Album offers a brilliant 4.8-inch high-resolution widescreen VGA (800 x 480 pixels) LCD screen capable of a wide colour gamut of 16 million colours. It is currently the only photo storage device in the world that can decode and display true RAW images from virtually any digital camera, even medium format digital backs.

It is capable of 40MB/s transfer speeds, backing up 2GB in 1 minute with full data verification. Incremental backup allows the download of only new data on the card or USB device, skipping previously saved data. The faster speed coupled with a new higher capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery now allows up to 200GB of backups per battery charge.

Built-in data recovery tools recover formatted, deleted, lost or corrupted files from the memory card. Password protection at startup prevents unauthorized access to the contents.

The HyperDrive Album is available in four capacities: 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, and 640GB. Suggested retail prices are $499.99, $649.99, $699.99, and $749.99 respectively.


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