Leica V-Lux 20

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Leica has a new, 12.1-megapixel digital compact camera: the V-Lux 20. Equipped with a high performance DC-Vario Elmar lens, GPS tagging, optional HD movie recording and various automated functions, the camera is, Leica says, a universal camera, capable of capturing all moments of life.

The camera’s 4.1-49.2 mm f/3.3-4.9 ASPH zoom lens offers a range of focal lengths equivalent to 25-300 mm (12x). It also has itegrated image stabilization.

Its straightforward handling is enhanced by a whole range of automatic functions. Manual setting options for shutter speed and aperture provide are provided, with a selector dial on the top deck of the camera allowing fast and simple selection of a wide range of settings.

There’s a 3-inch monitor.

As the first Leica digital camera to feature GPS tagging, the Leica V-Lux 20 allows photographers to record not only the geographical coordinates of the location in the Exif data of the image files, but also the local time for every shot. When abroad, the camera can also display local sights and interesting places. This feature offers a total of 500,000 so-called ‘points of interest’ in 73 different countries.

Together with the camera’s zoom function, automatic features such as face recognition, automatic scene modes and smart exposure are all available in movie mode.


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