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Tamron – you know, the lens company – has announced a way for anyone to showcase his/her prized images, share them with like-minded enthusiasts, tell the fascinating stories of how they were created, and get valuable feedback that will help participants take their photography to the next level. It’s an interactive, blog-style, sharing site: There you can answer regularly posted questions with a blog comment that includes relevant photos and the stories behind them.

The site is linked to the Tamron photo home page at. Posted questions can be answered in the Comment section, and participants are encouraged to respond by posting one or more photos and any length story about the photo, tip on how it was created, hotel recommendations for the place where it was shot and more.

The rules are simple: All content (words and photos) must be appropriate. Tamron reserves the right to delete inappropriate content and users can report any inappropriate content. You’ll be able to subscribe to the blog’s feed by going to the blog site and clicking the RSS button. Or you can become a Tamron fan on Facebook and receive updates about the latest questions posted.


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