Carl Zeiss lenses

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Carl Zeiss has been making optics for more than 160 years, today ranging from planetarium optics to eye glass lenses. There’s a very long history of camera lens manufacturing, and an enviable reputation to go with them.

There’s a new Distagon T* 35mm f/2 ZE for the Canon EF mount. This is a new mount for this lens, and like the other Zeiss ZE lenses, it incorporates a CPU and data contacts for communication with the camera body.

The lens is ideal for still photographers looking for a fast, general purpose wide angle lens, says the company. It is also said to be well suited for photographers and videographers using DSLRs for film-making and need a lens with superior manual focusing control and minimal ‘breathing.’

Its classic focal length is particularly well-suited for advertising, travel and nature photography, says Zeiss, as it captures dynamic perspectives with high depth of focus and few distortions.

The lens weighs 570 g, has all-metal barrel construction and nine lens elements in seven groups.

This is Zeiss’ fourth wide-angle lens with an EF bayonet (ZE mount). It follows the recent introduction of the two ultra-wide-angle Distagon T* 18 mm f/3.5 ZE and Distagon T* 21 mm f/2.8 ZE lenses, as well as the moderate wide-angle Distagon T* 28 mm f/2 ZE.


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